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A kitchen with a well-balanced yet strongly characterful image that combines simple forms, patterns and materials and a craftsman-like attention to details.
Obliqua is all about ergonomics; offering functional features and presenting an elegant aura to the living zone, for a stylish, sophisticated interior design scheme.



The fitted open units and roomy cupboards enable optimal use of spaces. It exploits natural light and the large interior to generate striking impressions.
The Ernrestomeda ONE offers unique, functional composition solutions, for the ideal setting of family life.



Icon has been created using solutions of great technical value and strong visual impact, finishing elements capable of modifying the sense of comfort and giving the kitchen an interpretation which is not only aesthetic, but also tactile.



Soul’s key characteristics are the choice of materials capable of delivering high performance and on the other hand technological and design solutions that simplify tasks in the kitchen.
With metal door handles equipped with an exclusive ventilation system and an aluminum profile for durability to a revolving Terra d’Ombra Oak table; SOUL by Ernestomeda has all what it takes to leave you wonderstruck.